Sustainable progress for
next generations

Our innovative approach and tailored services and advice on site specific issues has established our presence as pioneers in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and Compliance Monitoring. Our in-house knowledge and our diverse pool of skills are well known within the local and international markets.

The types of projects to which we provide custom made solutions are sourced from both the public and private sector. Leaf Global Environmental Services, in an effort to promote the responsible and sustainable management of natural resources. Our team consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable scientists and engineers.

Leaf Global Environmental Services has all the capabilities and is equipped with the latest technology equipment to undertake environmental compliance monitoring activities. Air Quality & Meteorological Monitoring. Detailed surveys and mapping of hard/soft corals & seagrass

A Blueprint for Sustainable Progress

At Leaf Global Environmental Services, we work towards achieving
environmental sustainability, which is an important objective of
Saudi Vision 2030 and Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) by 2060.
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