Who are we :

Leaf Global Environmental Services is an interdisciplinary science, engineering, and Technology Company that was established in 2018 and structured on the principle of environmental stewardship. We are leading contributor to Saudi green initiative (SGI).

Our Team are highly skilled workers that possess experience in pollution mitigation, ecosystem restoration, marine works, and natural resource conservation. Our company is a certified environmental provider for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s General Authority In addition, Leaf Global Environmental Services is ISO 9001,14001 and 45001 certified and a member of the Environmental Industries Commission and the Saudi Environmental Society

Our Mission

To operate in a socially responsible and eco-friendly manner, provide innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental resource management, advance environmental awareness, per- petuate ecosystem services, and ensure the long-term welfare of the biosphere.

Our Vision

Continue to enhance environmental awareness throughout Gulf Corporation Council States in an effort to encourage development practices that will main-tain the delicate and fundamental balance between economic expansion and the well being of the biophysical environment.

Our Code

We consider our employees as our most valuable asset; they are our ambassadors and key to our longevity. That said, management works very hard to reinforce the following ideals and it encourages our personnel to use them to guide their actions and facilitate their work.








At Leaf Global Environmental Services, we work towards achieving environmental sustainability, which is an important objective of Saudi Vision 2030 and Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) by 2060.

Chairman's Message :

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of bringing Environmental rules and regulations to the Middle East and leading positive environmental change. The environment is a global concern which we all engage in and explore new and on-going developments. From environmental planning to ecological restoration, we have transformed our long-term goals to search for and initiate innovative projects to make the environment sustainable. Our journey has only just begun and we pledge to meet our goal to operate in a socially responsible and eco-friendly manner, provide innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental resource management, environmental awareness, extend ecosystem services.

CEO's Message :

For over the past 7 years, Leaf Global has served as a stalwart champion for environmental sustainability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our unwavering vision – a world where clean air, pristine waters, and vibrant ecosystems become not distant dreams, but everyday realities – fuels our every action. This vision is inextricably linked to our mission: to provide comprehensive environmental services with unwavering social responsibility and ecological empathy, The Saudi Green Initiative presents a unique opportunity for us to come together as a nation and build a brighter future for generations to come.

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