Environmental Monitoring

Leaf Global Environmental Services has all the capabilities and is equipped with the latest technology equipment to undertake environmental compliance monitoring activities.

A representative list of the monitoring elements is provided below:

  • Air Quality & Meteorological Monitoring
  • Noise, Vibration, Light intensity Monitoring.
  • Soil & Water Quality Monitoring
  • Terrestrial Ecology & Avifauna (Ospreys &Migratory Birds)
  • Marine Ecology (Turtles and Marine Mammals) Observations

Terrestrial Ecology Surveys

  • Identification of flora and fauna species, their locations, and their respective densities.
  • Floral Components (Vegetative structure, dominant plant types, Size and density, Site or habitat or associated use, Special plant species).
  • Faunal Species (Amphibians, Reptiles, Avifauna, Mammals, Rare faunal species).
  • Components of Biological Diversity (National Bio-diversity, Regional Ecosystem diversity, Local Ecosystem diversity, Species diversity)

Marine Ecology Surveys

  • Detailed Surveys and mapping of hard/soft corals & seagrass
  • Development of Corals/Seagrass Relocation/Mitigation Plans
  • Coral/Seagrass removal and relocation works
  • Monitoring and corrective actions
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